A story of success – Formal education meets non-formal learning

By 22. August 2018.Projects

November 2014, Limassol, Cyprus

“Interesting, creative, so much fun” – this is how our team described a training course which took place 15th-21st November in Limassol, Cyprus. Three Centrifuge members participated in this event which was organized by CULEDAR, a Limassol-based organization.  The training explored the concepts of formal and non-formal education in order for the participants to develop their own educational tools. Teams from Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus got all mixed and worked together to see how difficult or easy it was to produce some pretty awesome non-formal activities. In addition to having fun while getting deeper into the subject day by day, the participants learned about the Erasmus + Programme and the Youth Pass Certificate. Some of the team members even discovered some hidden talents they would never have imagined they had.