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Centre for Social Innovations Centrifuge is non-profit organisation with the goal to promote social innovations in order to enhance citizens’ potential and foster their active involvement in society. Centrifuge has been working in close co-operation with YEU International, a Brussels-based network of youth CSOs, since 2003 mainly on international youth projects and policy initiatives.

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Variety is the spice of life – try walking in my shoes

march 2017. Centre for Social Innovations Centrifuge has participated in a one-year project titled “Variety is…

A story of success – Formal education meets non-formal learning

November 2014, Limassol, Cyprus “Interesting, creative, so much fun” – this is how our team…

Ink_lusion project

Lazarevac, January – May 2014 This project was pictured as a systematic and detailed approach…

“Dance for change” Youth Exchange

March 2014, Toulouse Five Centrifuge members have had the pleasure to participate in a youth…

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