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Centre for Social Innovations Centrifuge  

About us

Centre for Social Innovations Centrifuge  is non-profit organisation with the goal to promote social innovations in order to enhance citizens’ potential and foster their active involvement in society. Centrifuge has been working in close co-operation with YEU International, a Brussels-based network of youth CSOs, since 2003 mainly on international youth projects and policy initiatives.


Centrifuge is an independent organisation whose ambition is to deal with old problems in a new way. Our vision is to help create a “normal Serbia”, a country in which citizens feel respected by state institutions, a place where their self-esteem is nourished and where they can live in solidarity with vulnerable groups.


Social innovation is a simple new idea that has been put into practice by civil society actors for the benefit of a specific social group or people, and this is precisely what we want. We strive to create projects and initiatives with fresh ideas and different policies, educational programs and tools offering varied solutions to young people, vulnerable groups, private enterprises and public institutions – anybody who believes that we can have a more developed and modern Serbia in Europe.


  • “Autonomous Young People” – only by empowering young people can we ensure their autonomy in the economic, democratic, and European perspective. In this process, we rely on the motto “nothing about youth without youth”.
  • “Education for Active participation and Inclusion” – we have a duty to support citizens to understand what their rights are and how to exercise them. Active citizenship is a precondition for successful democratic decision-making in Serbia.
  • “Development and Innovations” – only by practical realization of the innovative policies can Serbia tackle challenging social problems at all levels.  


  1. Educational activities such as training courses, motivational speeches, tailor-made language courses, seminars, study visits and conferences.
  2. Policy initiatives to facilitate cooperation between authorities, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders in order to advocate for innovative policy proposals.
  3. Launching campaigns to promote innovative social ideas and the exchange of best practices.
  4. Creating online tools in order to make synergies between the experts in implementing innovative social projects, as well as to facilitate their networking.