Our Team

Sonja Budisa Milenkovic

Sonja Budisa Milenkovic

A political scientist and a civil sector activist working at national and international level. She has vast experience in working as a trainer with various target groups on a variety of social topics. During the last few years she has particularly dedicated her work to young women, women entrepreneurs, women politicians as well as to raising awareness about gender equality in hiring and in the workforce on the whole.

Besides through implementing projects, giving speeches, leading trainings, moderating panel discussions and writing texts, she has tackled the question of gender equality through two sets of research: one on the topics of discrimination of women in the workforce and hiring in the city of Belgrade and another on the position of women entrepreneurs in the city of Banja Luka.

She is a member of the European trainers network PET (People for education and training). 

She is currently working at KOMS (Umbrella organisation of young people in Serbia) as a project collaborator.

Area of work: Project management, research, trainings, gender equality, conflict management, advocacy, social inclusion, leadership.

Marija Bozic

Marija Djokovic

An English language teacher, a translator and a youth worker. In her ten-year long teaching career, she has successfully been incorporating the principles of non-formal education into formal educational practices, thus promoting active, experiential and life-long learning. She has extensive experience in youth work, project management, facilitating youth exchanges and designing workshops for young people. She is the coauthor of a number of publications for youth workers and the translator of a couple of books for children and youngsters.

Ivana Radojcic

Ivana Radojicic

A student of art history, an activist and a youth worker. Her first encounter with Centre for Social Innovations Centrifuge was through the training INK_lusion, when she became a youth ambassador of social inclusion in the town of Lazarevac. She studies contemporary and modern arts. She has dealt with the questions of gender and sex through projects Variety is the spice of life and Joint struggle. She believes that art and culture must be free for all and that this is the ideal way to unify people.