“Creative Dialogue” – How Active Young Citizens Can Increase the Ability of Intercultural Dialogue in Managing NGOs

By 22. August 2018.Projects

December 2008

In the European “Year of Intercultural Dialogue” we intended to organise this Training Course as a sequel to our previous project form 2006 in order to foster active youth participation in the Balkan countries. We consider this to be the crucial element for the peaceful development of the region; hence we aimed to increase future incorporation of the Balkan countries in the European Union. Through the network that our NGO had established, we perceived that this issue was also very important in the EU countries which were intensively working on fostering human rights, diversity and active participation. This activity aimed at encouraging young people across the Balkan region and Europe to continue to participate actively in their communities.

Considering this, our organization – MRR in cooperation with other YEU International Member and Partner Organizations made the decision to prepare and organize this Training Course as a second step of carrying out our vision and objectives. With this project we wanted to enhance the skills and attitudes of young leaders, especially their ability to improve intercultural dialog among themselves, and their capability to continue to effectively exchange new and creative ideas that enhance youth work in their networks. Moreover, by doing this we intended to develop more elaborate backgrounds for youth participation in their communities as well as to build up future youth exchanges and other activities under the support of the Youth in Action Programme together.

With this Training course we aimed to improve organizational capacity, creativity and innovativeness; to ensure the multiplier effects; to strengthen active participation of our members in shaping the society; and to promote cultural diversity by facilitating intercultural dialogue among young people from multicultural backgrounds in the framework of the Youth in Action Programme.