“Creative Leaders managing Youth Organizations – Developing spaces of Active Young Citizens”

By 22. August 2018.Projects

Palic, October 2006

The issue of youth participation in the Balkan countries is of crucial importance for the peaceful development of the region and for the future inclusion of the Balkan countries in the European Union.

Having this in mind, MRR consulted other YEU member and partner organizations in the Balkan region and the EU, and 10 organizations decided to organize this training to ensure the development of Partner Organizations’ leaders, and their capacity to network in order to develop strong platforms of youth participation in their communities in order to realize future youth exchanges and other youth programme actions together.

One of the highest priorities of MRR was the training of youth leaders who are working on international projects as well as taking feedback to the national and local level, thus establishing a link between local and international youth participation and ensuring the involvement of young people in youth policy decision making. This training course was our first step in that direction.

By improving organizational capacity and ensuring the multiplier effects with this training, we reinforced active participation of our members in society shaping and continued promoting cultural diversity by facilitating dialogue and joint activities of young people from multicultural or multiethnic backgrounds in the framework of the youth programme.

This training gathered 25 youngsters from 11 countries, all of whom were highly motivated to give their best in order to reduce all forms of conflicts and national hatred, especially in the Balkan area.