EU-CARES Round Table

By 12. April 2023.Projects

First activity of the project EU-CARES, Round table, was realized on 16th March in Primary School in Rudovci.

The EU-CARES project aims to address collective trauma and promote reconciliation among young people from war-affected countries using storytelling techniques that encourage active participation, constructive dialogue, and critical thinking. The project seeks to empower youth workers to contribute to the reconciliation process in the Western Balkans by fostering youth engagement, intercultural understanding, and solidarity through storytelling. Co-financed by the Erasmus+ KA2 Programme of the European Commission and led by OTB International, a Brussels-based organisation, the EU-CARES project is implemented by eight partners from seven countries: Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures (B&H), CESIE (Italy), IRSH (Albania), IDEA LAB (Poland), NGO PRIMA (Montenegro), Center for Social Innovations Centrifuge (Serbia) and PERPETUUM MOBILE Institute (B&H).

This was a great way to bring youth, young adults and adults around crucial topics of EU-CARES, ensuring that participants with different backgrounds, experiences and unique perspectives have a chance to actively contribute to the discussion.

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