‟Fukujama‟ Youth exchange

By 22. August 2018.Projects

December 2010, Viimsi/Talin (Estonia)

This interestingly titled project gathered 30 youngsters from 5 European countries with the task to explore the concept of street culture and extreme sports in order to better understand how these relatively new concepts affect young people, influence the way they think and create their lifestyles. The purpose behind this project was finding out to which extent youngsters from different countries around Europe have the chance to practice extreme sports, especially during wintertime. The idea of the project was to empower the young to give their proposals for the improvement of the conditions for practicing street culture, present those proposals to local authorities and establish a dialogue with them, all with the aim of creating better solutions for both sides.

By participating in this project, young people from Estonia, Spain, Serbia, Macedonia and France had the chance to:

  • create a space for effective peer to peer education developing personal and group skills, knowledge and abilities;
  • explore the current situation of stree culture and extreme sports  in each participating country in search for similarities and differences;
  • identify and reflect each participants current contact with the topic;
  • create a space for sharing the experiences of working with youth interested in street culture and extreme sports;
  • work on methods / strategies and concrete initiatives and projects to improve the situation of street culture and extreme sports in Europe.

Centrifuge is a new name for quite an old organisation, formerly known as Mladi za Razmenu i Razumevanje (MRR)