“The Creative world of the Roma” by Puls Theatre

By 22. August 2018.Projects

Lazarevac, 2008

The main problem that Roma children are facing in the Municipality of Lazarevac as well as in the rest of our society is insufficient integration in the process of social development. In the era of modern technology, the majority of Roma children do not have the opportunity to educate themselves about these issues, as the resources are often off their limits. A substantial part of the problem is the lack of motivation among the Roma to get involved in education, both formal and non-formal. This project was planned and prepared in order to offer Roma children the opportunity to get familiar with non-formal education in particular, as its methodology is far more interesting than the classic (formal) one, and could boost their motivation.

Through activities such as: creative journalism, theatre and language workshops, our members helped the organizers to reach the short and long-term objectives of the project, primarily nurturing healthy and creative generations and better understanding and accepting the culture of Roma people.